Underground Sound 2019

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2018 was a monumental year for Underground Sound, and I have just as much planned for 2019. The format that was established – Free Music, DJ Sets, Interviews and the addition of Signals Sets, will remain. That is the endgame for Underground Sound, which will be six years old in May. But you can expect a lot more content this year as I endeavour to work on the site even more often than I did last year. Long may that continue!

I was studying a Diploma of Website Development and have completed that course, earning my diploma. I have also had my first article for Decoded Magazine published, an interview with Melbourne’s one and only Jamie Stevens. That will not prevent me from working on Underground Sound this year, in fact it is motivating me to do more. Music is largely about the community that surrounds it, and we have a very strong and faithful community of house and techno fans here in Australia.

I will be getting into Mixcloud for Underground Sound this year and following more Aussie artists. I’ll also be making some changes to who I’m following on SoundCloud, to ensure that I can follow all of the artists whose music is on the Underground Sound website, in spite of the following limit of 2000 that is enforced on there. Please feel free to repost as many of the exclusive DJ Sets on those platforms from Underground Sound that you can, especially if you know the artists personally.

Thank you for your support, and thank you for listening!