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Tom. is a Brisbane DJ and man about town, a founder of local house and techno outfit Lè Froth. He’s also played regular gigs for Lemon & Lime and is supporting Sasha at Capulet on Sunday 11 November.

Q. Tom, you’ve been DJing and running events in Brisbane for quite a while now. How did electronic music first come into your life? What were some early tunes that inspired you, and who were some of your favourite artists? What were some of the parties that you went to when you first started clubbing? How were you initiated into Brisbane’s diverse electronic music scene?

A. I started getting into electronic music in Grade 12. Like most Aussies my age it was through a Ministry of Sound album, probably mixed by John Course or Mark Dynamix. But it wasn’t until I started going to Family that I really started to froth dance music. At the time I was working at a restaurant and a few of my older work mates DJ’ed, so I used to tag along with them. They were mostly into trance, so we’d be at Family most Friday nights after work. Although I didn’t really follow DJs too closely at the time my faves would have been Tiësto, Eddie Halliwell, Marco V & Carl Cox.

Surprisingly enough it was the Swedish House Mafia that got me into the housier stuff, particularly Ingrosso and Angello. Back then they used to play some cool house before they blew up. If ya don’t believe me check out Ingrosso’s Sessions 14 Mix & Angello’s first Sizeism Album.

Q. What was it that made you want to get behind the decks and be a DJ in Brisbane? How did that start, and what were some of your early gigs? Also, who has helped you along the way?

A. As I mentioned before I used to work with a lot of guys that used to DJ. As soon as I started hanging out with them, I was hooked. It really kicked off when my girlfriend and I moved in with one of my good mates, Rui, who had decks and taught me basically everything I know. He also introduced me to Trent Stewart, who has always supported me and is still a good mate to this day. Other than that, guys like Cosmo, Swain, Sosha and obviously Danny have always been good to me.

Q. Can you tell us about some of the recent events you have played at? What sort of music have you been playing?

A. I was actually meant to play at the recent Elements Festival, which I was really looking forward to, but unfortunately the bus ran late so I missed my set! This year I’ve played a heap of cool gigs with internationals such as Dubfire, Tim Green, Teenage Mutants & Jody Wisternoff. I’ve also played at a few Dragonfruit events supporting local legends like Shannon Marshall & Chris Wilson.

As for what music I’ve been playing lately, it’s probably more on the downtempo afro/tribal kind of tip. I’m really digging the ethnic influences that are coming from eastern Europe and South America, it gives it a really nice organic vibe.

Q. There is a lot happening in the electronic music scene in Brisbane at the moment. We are quite spoiled for choice. Have there been any events you have attended that have stood out?

A. Obviously it’s a lil biased but probably Dubfire, Tim Green & Jody Wisternoff and even though I didn’t end up playing, Elements Festival was awesome. But it’s the local events that have really got me frothin’ this year, in particular Melt, Tim Fuchs (on a rando Saturday night) and Butterz, which have all been at Laruche. Oh, and Lauren Lane at Dragonfruit was sick as well!

Q. Who would you like to give a shout out to in the Brisbane scene right now? Can you give us some inside info about upcoming events? Who should we be keeping an ear out for?

A. Hmm… it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few guys & girls that are killing it atm coz there’s so many! But I’ve really been liking APRÓ & Wilma’s vibe, especially with the live cello element, which makes it special. Other than that, the usual suspects like Tranceducer, Jesse Kuch, Adam Swain & Butterz are still rockin’ it…

Q. Your brand, Lè Froth, has been throwing parties for four years now, at Capulet and The TBC Club. You’ve hosted some major internationals in that time. How did Lè Froth start? What have been some of the highlights along the way, and what is on the horizon for Lè Froth?

A. Due to the success of Lemon & Lime parties, Danny and I were asked by the original Capulet Bar owners to create a monthly event showcasing local and interstate artists. True to form I left organising the launch till the last minute, which was a bit stressful because Danny was overseas, and the club was hounding me as to what was happening. Luckily for me inspo for a name came to me at a kick-on where all my mates we’re “frothin this” & “frothin that”. I decided to make it fancy by sticking a ‘Lè’ in front of it. The launch with Silversix turned out to be an absolute frother and the rest is history!

To be honest we’re giving Lè Froth a bit of a break for now as both Danny and I don’t really have the time between work and Lemon & Lime. It’s also become a bit oversaturated with similar events and a lack of appropriate venues, so for the meantime we’ll leave it to crews like Dragonfruit, Melt, Eden, Bass Swag, La Vibrations, FLUX., IWTFA & obviously Lemon & Lime to continue flying the flag for the Brissie house & techno scene.

Q. Lemon & Lime is approaching its 10-year anniversary. What has being part of the Lemon & Lime family meant to you? When you look back on all those years, how do you feel?

A. I first met Danny at Lightsounds when we were hiring some equipment for my girlfriend’s b’day. He liked the sound of it, so he invited himself along to DJ. He was already running L&L’s then, so he invited us along to the next one, which was Martin Roth in the Botanical Gardens. After going to a few and showing off to him DJing at my place after a Future Music Festival, he booked me for my first gig warming up for Cosmo Cater at the old Electric Playground. My second or third gig ever was when Danny booked me for Godskitchen to warm up for Wippenberg.

10 years is such an awesome achievement and I’m super proud of Danny for the way he’s continually been able to bring world class acts (at world class prices) to lil old Brissy. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but he’s stuck to his guns and put on some of the biggest club shows Brisbane has ever seen, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve got many amazing memories and met lifelong mates thanks to Lemon & Lime events. Happy 10 years!

Q. You’re playing at Sasha (UK) Brisbane Show, which is well and truly sold out. Having Sasha play in such an intimate setting as Capulet, his first time at that venue, will be a big moment for electronic music in Brisbane. How do you think it will go?

A. Sasha playing at Capulet is easily the biggest event in Brisbane since Dubfire played there for the first time. We’re very lucky to have such an intimate venue with such an awesome vibe and sound system to host such a legend of the scene. It’s gonna be an absolute frother and I can’t wait to see what Sasha’s got in store for us.

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