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Sly Faux

Sly Faux is a DJ and producer from Melbourne, who made a big impression in the international techno scene last year with an EP on Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD Records. He will be headlining La Vibrations at Montague in Brisbane on 9 March, with Made in Paris.

Q. Sly Faux, your Incandescence EP on MOOD has been very popular, and the title track has since been featured on Nicole Moudaber’s Best of Mood compilation, to celebrate 50 releases on the label. That is a huge accomplishment. Did you ever imagine that you would make such an impact when you started producing electronic music?

A. Thanks. Yeah look, Incandescence did do well. We were all pleased with how it did in the charts and the support with it globally was amazing. Honestly though, it’s not something that I have ever thought about when making tracks. Yes, recognition is nice, but personally I just really enjoy making records and playing them out.

Q. Hashes of Eight from the Incandescence EP is an amazing track, with a powerful female vocal. In an interview with Change Underground last year, you talked about how you were inspired to write that EP. Can you tell us more about how the whole thing came together?

A. My best friend passed away and the EP was a tribute to him. It was a particularly hard time for me and the only thing that really grounded me was writing records, so I did just that.

Q. You’ve got a new EP coming up with vocals by Melbourne based Rahmondau, as well as a remix on Carl Cox and Digital Primate‘s label Awesome Soundwave. You’ve also been tapped to remix The Presets! What else is happening that you can tell us about?

A. I do. I’ve wanted to feature his vocals for a while now, but the right project just didn’t come about. I remember printing the track and something was missing. I can now finally reveal that the EP featuring Ray on vocals is coming out on MOOD in late March along with a remix by Marino Canal. The opportunity to work with Carl and Chris (Digital Primate) has been fantastic, and for my remix to feature on the first release makes it even more special.

You’re right, I have been asked to remix The Presets. It’s their single 14U+14ME, which is off their new studio album. I also have a remix coming out on Mike Callander and Kim Moyes‘ new label Here to Hell, which is a sublabel of Kompakt, and an EP dropping April on Pig&Dan’s imprint ELEVATE, which has an accompanying remix from Dubspeeka.

Q. You’ve been releasing your own productions for six years now, including tracks on Melbourne labels Green Fetish Records, TFU Records, Machine and One4SevenOne. How has your approach to creating music in the studio changed over the years, and what advice do you have for aspiring Australian music producers?

A. In the beginning my process was a lot more all over the place. There was no real direction or end result in mind when I was “writing”. If something was finished it honestly boiled down to a bit of luck and good sample packs. I’ve gone through periods of using primarily hardware and external gear but the need to commit to final prints of audio just didn’t sit with me. Now everything is streamlined. A few Macs, MIDI keyboards, Push and Maschine Studio and my Genelec 8351A’s. That’s it. Also, there are templates and chain auto loads for everything, which means I don’t need to waste time routing and setting up the project. Advice: Don’t compromise your sound for anyone, and learn proper techniques in how to mix your own records. I receive a lot of stuff on promo and the ideas are fantastic, but the execution and final mix are just not there.

Q. Your DJ sets feature a mix of recorded tracks and live production. How do you prepare for each set? What is your current DJ setup?

A. I set aside a handful of hours each week going through promos and tracks that have been sent to me. I also aim to include at least three of my own current tracks in each set. It’s really helpful in being able to play work in progress records out and see what needs attention and what is almost done. My current setup is all digital. Traktor Pro synced with Ableton (Push). Two Allen & Heath K2’s and an Antelope Orion 32+ audio interface.

Q. Melbourne is your home town, and you have been a strong presence in the techno scene for quite some time. As a Stable Music artist, you are part of a diverse group who represent Melbourne’s electronic music community (including Sundelin, who I had the pleasure of interviewing in September last year), who have had the opportunity to support some of the most recognisable names in international electronic music. What’s it like to be able to rely on such a solid crew of musicians?

A. It’s a real honour to be with Stable. All the artists are top tier and you’re right, a lot of them have supported international heavy weights. Honestly, they all deserve it. The team have some special things lined up for 2018 and we are all going from strength to strength each year. It’s fantastic to be involved with such passionate and driven individuals.

Q. La Vibrations will be your first time playing in Brisbane. We’re very much looking forward to having you. Do you see yourself playing at more events around Australia? What about overseas – do you have anything lined up?

A. Thanks! Im looking forward to it to. Yeah we have a solid amount of shows before Europe later this year. I’m also in Los Angeles in April and then off to Spain in July.

Q. You’re headlining La Vibrations with Made in Paris in Brisbane at Montague on Friday 9 March 2018. I can’t wait for the event, it should be brilliant! What do you have in store for us northerners?

A. It should! Paris is a fantastic DJ/producer. I’m excited for us to be playing together at the same party. Her recent Erratic EP and Smirnoff Mixmag set are really good. I recommend sussing them out. What I play will depend on how much vino I drink beforehand!

La Vibrations present MADE IN PARIS [SYD] & SLY FAUX [MELB]

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