Noise In My Head w/ Roza Terenzi 19/12/17

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de niro – revolver (roza’s intro mix)
ex-terrestrial – urth man
escape artist – signs of life
move d – sandman
roza terenzi – metal glo
rhythm invention – can’t take it (cold cellar mix)
call super – i look like i look in a tinfoil mirror
cybersonik – lash out
sweet exorcist – test five
dorisburg – computer drumming 128
sonic insomniac – every
beneath – occupy
second woman – 100407jd7
still – rough rider
bigeneric – atrex (hypnotic mix)
ectomorph – insert another data disk
titonton – lick
ubik – we jack the house
simo cell – stop the killing (intello mix)
rei harakami – on

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