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Made in Paris

A prodigy of tech sounds, Sydney’s Made in Paris has emerged as a leader in underground electronic music, having founded label Upon Access. On tour promoting her Erratic EP, she will be headlining La Vibrations at Montague in Brisbane on 9 March, with Sly Faux.

Q. Paris, your Erratic EP is the eighth release on your label, Upon Access. Congratulations, you must be very proud! What has the reaction to the EP been like so far?

A. I’m so grateful for the response we have received on my latest EP. The feedback has been amazing and having media support from the likes of Mixmag, Data Transmission, Music is 4 Lovers, Pulseradio and a bunch more makes it all that more special.

Q. Upon Access is less than two years old and the label’s catalogue is expanding rapidly. So far you have released mostly techno, with some deep and tech house as well. What did you set out to achieve when you started Upon Access, and what are your hopes for the label in the coming years as we see out this decade?

A. The label was created to push not only my sound but others producing like-minded music. I’m really happy with the pace and direction the label is running in, it’s flourishing. Expect big releases in the near future.

Q. Your take on techno is deep, dark, melodic and intelligent, and you have carved out a niche of your own in the genre. What are some of the important lessons that you have learned along the way?

A. Don’t be afraid to explore sounds. Study music you can’t get enough of to find ideas. Groove is probably the most important thing when it comes to creating a club track. If it doesn’t make you want to move, it won’t work on a dance floor.

Q. You started out as a bedroom DJ and producer. There are heaps of talented young Australians in the same position you were in. Who are some undiscovered Aussie artists you have noticed who we should be watching out for? Can we expect to see any of them featured on Upon Access?

A. I’m keeping an eye on Sydney producer Microlot and also a duo named Terminus43. Also Doppel… he’s becoming more discovered recently but a great mention as his production and live sets are very tasteful.

Q. As a DJ you have played clubs and festivals and recorded a live set for Mixmag in The Lab in Sydney. What have been some of your favourite gigs?

A. My favourite shows so far besides The Lab are Subsonic, Sash Day, Curve ball and Deadmau5/Leftfield side shows… but the list could go on and on!

Q. You are playing at La Vibrations present MADE IN PARIS [SYD] & SLY FAUX [MELB] at Montague in Brisbane on Friday 9 March. It’s going to be an amazing night. What do you have planned for us Queenslanders?

A. Looking forward to showcasing my sound. Starting deep and taking them on a journey, progressing into techno. Can’t wait Brisbane!

La Vibrations present MADE IN PARIS [SYD] & SLY FAUX [MELB]

Facebook Event: La Vibrations present MADE IN PARIS [SYD] & SLY FAUX [MELB]
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