If you’re an underground Australian house/techno artist and would like to be featured on the site, you can get in touch with John via email or the Facebook page.


Underground Sound launched in May 2013. It features exclusive DJ sets and unedited interviews with established and budding Australian DJs and producers.

Until January 2016 there were also free house and techno tracks and DJ sets reposted from SoundCloud on a regular basis. SoundCloud made some temporary changes to their stream which made continuing that difficult, then they returned to the original stream format in a matter of days, without any official word about the changes. Without knowing what plans SoundCloud had for 2016 it was not possible to commit to posting free music and DJ sets at that time, but it has been a year now without any further changes and 2017 marks the return of that content to the site.

Underground Sound is a one-man show and is run by John William Daly, a resident of Brisbane, Australia. John particularly enjoys progressive house.