July 2018

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July was a big month for Underground Sound and things will keep picking up, as I have had more time to work on the site lately. This month I got to interview two blokes with excellent taste in house and techno music, who both happen to be from New South Wales. They were both kind enough to record DJ sets exclusively for Underground Sound as well, and each is of exceptional quality.

To many in Sydney’s underground electronic music scene, Simon Mann is someone who needs no introduction. In July he played a live hardware set for the second time in Brisbane at Unison II – Live House, Techno & Ambient at The Brightside. I had met Simon before when he played at Capulet for a Buxton Records party in 2016, and I was really happy to get to know him a bit better with this interview.

This month I also got to interview my mate Jamie Grenenger, who is from New South Wales originally, but has been throwing parties in Brisbane for years now. Jamie is supporting Barbuto at Capulet for Dragonfruit Fridays pres. Decoded & friends – Barbuto, and he is one of the men behind the forthcoming IWTFA Pres. Cleric (Clergy / Figure / Soma- UK) techno event at The Brightside. The interview with him turned out really well, and has had a great response.

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June 2018

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June was a fantastic month for Underground Sound, with two new interviews and an exclusive DJ set. I was really happy to finally publish an interview with my good friend Anna Sonnenburg, who helped organise a Prince Tribute Party at the Hamilton Hotel. It was a wonderful night, heaps of people turned up and danced and sang along to the music of the late artist known as Prince.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Scottish songstress Mha iri, who has been making things happen in the techno scene in Melbourne. She played at La Vibrations & Bass Swag Present Eat The Beat Showcase (Melb) at Capulet, and it was a really fun night with some great music. I was fortunate enough to attend the after party at Frequencies TV, which was a whole lot of fun too. Mha iri kindly recorded an exclusive DJ set for Underground Sound, which has already had more than 400 plays on SoundCloud.

I was so busy with these interviews, and a third one that is coming very soon, that I decided not to post any free music or DJ sets this month. I was also finishing the semester of study. July will see the return of that content.

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May 2018

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May 2018 was a bit of a quiet month for Underground Sound, but I still found some great free music and featured a heap of DJ sets from my regulars, as well as some new ones. There are lots of artists in the emerging local house and techno community really doing Australia proud. Stay tuned in June, as I have two new interviews coming that I think you will really enjoy.

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April 2018

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What a great month April was for Underground Sound! I was able to interview Sydney disco and house music legend Husky, ahead of his gig at Prohibition Fridays presents David Penn & Husky, in Brisbane. It was a really in depth interview and one I’m very proud of. The event was amazing, the support DJs Rouge and Habebe rocked the joint, and Husky’s set was super uplifting and kept everyone moving. David Penn played some killer tracks and was very impressive. I had never been to Prohibition before, it’s a huge old underground dance hall in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, still very much in keeping with the prohibition era.

In February I talked about a new project I had in development. The plans for that have since changed dramatically, as I’ve discovered a limitation of SoundCloud, that being that it is only possible to follow 2000 accounts. That fact has really thrown a spanner in the works. What I am working on now will not be ready until the beginning of 2019, at the earliest. So expect more great content from Underground Sound between now and then. I have some really exciting new interviews planned, and will be posting heaps of excellent underground Australian house and techno music too.

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March 2018

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I’m very happy to say that March was a massive month for Underground Sound! Two interviews and a bunch of new music were featured. I got to talk to a pair of young Aussie electronic musicians who have been receiving acclaim internationally, and were both playing at an event in Brisbane for La Vibrations. It was a great party with some amazing tunes!

The first of the two, Sly Faux, is a Melbourne DJ and producer, who had an EP released on Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD Records in May 2017. Among other things, he talked about his upcoming Dandellion EP that has since been released on that label, with vocal work by Rahmondau and a remix by Marino Canal.

Made in Paris was the second artist I had the pleasure of interviewing in March, and it was lovely meeting her at the event in Brisbane. She was on tour promoting her Erratic EP on the label she has founded, Upon Access.

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