November 2018

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November was a fantastic month for Underground Sound, with a new Interview, my first Event Review, and a new Signals set as well.

I really enjoyed interviewing Brisbane DJ and promoter Tom., ahead of his gig at Sasha (UK) Brisbane Show. Tom. writes just like he talks, and it was great getting to know him and his brands a bit better. I remember when I first met him, at Subtrakt presents Danny Howells at The Wickham of all places. He made a point of introducing himself and his mates, and the Subtrakt crew who were running the event. Lovely bloke!

The event Tom. played at in November was something else. It was the first time Sasha had graced Capulet, and boy was it popular. The online tickets to the event sold out within two hours of going on sale. You can read my review of the event on the Underground Sound Facebook page. It was a very special day for clubbing in Brisbane.

Then there was this month’s Signals set from April Kerry. This was really cool. April emailed me out of the blue, with some info about herself and her impressive career thus far, and expressed her interest in recording a DJ set for Underground Sound. We were able to make it happen in time to promote Hidden Valley at Capulet. April has ability and a repertoire of music well beyond her years. I was seriously impressed by her Signals set, but that was eclipsed for me by her DJ set when I went and saw her play at the event, where she dropped some very lush progressive and melodic house and techno. It was great to meet her too. Keep an ear out for this talented young lady from Byron Bay. We’ll be hearing more from her in Brisbane soon!

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October 2018

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This month was a big one for Underground Sound, with an in-depth interview and DJ set, and three new, exclusive Signals sets from Brisbane DJs.

I got to interview a bit of a legend of Brisbane’s scene by the name of Malcolm, and he recorded an exclusive progressive set for Underground Sound. Malcolm was supporting Nick Warren for Lemon & Lime at Capulet. It was an epic party, seven hours of progressive bliss!

The first Signals set this month came from Batchelo, and it was a beauty. It was a recording of his set from the craziest party ever held at Capulet, Circus Paradise Festival Launch. We were promoting a few events he had coming up, including Dragonfruit pres. PAWSA // Halloween Party // 02.11, which is on tonight.

The next signals set was by MOTION, who is the founder of DEEPER LIFE. MOTION had an EP of remixes of his track Heartbeats coming out on La Casa Roja Records. Every remix on the record is by a Brisbane based producer. To celebrate the release there was a DEEPER LIFE/LACASA ROJA RECORDS – LABEL PARTY at Slingshot Bar Gallery in Fortitude Valley.

Emlyn BPM contributed the third Signals set for the month, and it included one of his tracks from his new Chasm EP, out on Vudeux Records. Emlyn BPM was also playing at the DEEPER LIFE/LACASA ROJA RECORDS – LABEL PARTY, as he had produced one of the remixes of Heartbeats. We had a great time at the event!

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September 2018

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This month was an exciting one for Underground Sound, with another in-depth interview with an exclusive DJ set, and the launch of a new form of content for the site.

It was great to interview my good mate Rob Glasgow, a well-known DJ and promoter from Brisbane. He recorded 90 minutes of techno for us and played at two absolutely wicked events here.

The new content I mentioned was the first edition of Underground Sound Signals, an exclusive DJ set series. Boy with Boat stepped up as our opening contributor, with a very nice hour of music that included his free track Small Joy, out on Frisson Records.

I bit the bullet and added the “Melodic” section to the DJ Sets category this month, as I’m finding more and more sets include tracks categorised as Melodic House & Techno on Beatport. It has certainly made my life easier as I don’t have to listen again to samples of every track in sets that I post in that category to determine if they are deep house, progressive house, or melodic techno. There is a lot of new music coming out in that fairly vague melodic genre. It is a thing. I’m considering adding “Leftfield” too.

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August 2018

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Underground Sound is going from strength to strength, and August was another great month of content that I am really proud of. Thank you to everyone in Australia’s underground house and techno community, especially those whom I have had the privilege of featuring on the site. There is some new and exciting content coming in September that I know you will enjoy.

August featured two DJ interviews, with a couple of mates of mine from Brisbane’s house music scene. The first was with Turkish expat and lovable lad Hakan Henry, who ran the excellent drũm parties at Montague with Rikki Newton. Hakan was moving to Japan and there was a special farewell edition of drũm for him. We had a great night.

I also had the opportunity to interview legendary Brisbane DJ and all around good bloke Fergus Alexander, ahead of his back to back set with Mike Redfern at Dragonfruit Fridays pres. Jamie Stevens at Capulet. What a night that was, the typically diverse Dragonfruit Fridays crowd dancing to some of the finest house and techno music Australia has to offer, courtesy of Mr Jamie Stevens and friends.

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July 2018

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July was a big month for Underground Sound and things will keep picking up, as I have had more time to work on the site lately. This month I got to interview two blokes with excellent taste in house and techno music, who both happen to be from New South Wales. They were both kind enough to record DJ sets exclusively for Underground Sound as well, and each is of exceptional quality.

To many in Sydney’s underground electronic music scene, Simon Mann is someone who needs no introduction. In July he played a live hardware set for the second time in Brisbane at Unison II – Live House, Techno & Ambient at The Brightside. I had met Simon before when he played at Capulet for a Buxton Records party in 2016, and I was really happy to get to know him a bit better with this interview.

This month I also got to interview my mate Jamie Grenenger, who is from New South Wales originally, but has been throwing parties in Brisbane for years now. Jamie is supporting Barbuto at Capulet for Dragonfruit Fridays pres. Decoded & friends – Barbuto, and he is one of the men behind the forthcoming IWTFA Pres. Cleric (Clergy / Figure / Soma- UK) techno event at The Brightside. The interview with him turned out really well, and has had a great response.

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