2018 Epilogue

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2018 was such a big year for Underground Sound, it well and truly surpassed anything I have done with the site previously. So I thought it would be worthwhile to write a summary of everything that happened, including a bunch of statistics for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

There were 12 Interviews with Australian house and techno artists this past year, five of which included exclusive DJ sets:

2018 saw the debut of a new type of content for the site – Underground Sound Signals. These short articles feature an exclusive DJ set from an artist and information about what they have on the horizon, such as events or record releases:

There were 54 posts with Free Music in 2018…

…and 200 DJ Sets:

There were more than 5000 unique visitors to Underground Sound in 2018. Around 30% were Australian, and more than 10% were from Germany. Here are the top 10 countries in terms of visitors, in descending order:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • India

There were more than 12,000 unique page views on the site, with visitors spending around two minutes on average on each page. 30% of visitors continued to browse the site after landing on their first page. The most popular category on the site by far was Free Music / Techno, with more than 3000 page views, around 20% of the views on Underground Sound. Lots of Germans I would think, and Aussie German expats.

There is not much happening on the Mixcloud page for Underground Sound, simply because I haven’t put much work into it, other than uploading all our exclusive content. The Interview DJ Sets are on there and the Signals, but I need to start following more people. I will rectify that this year.

The SoundCloud page currently has more than 500 followers, and I am following the maximum number of SoundCloud accounts possible, which is 2000. I need to do some pruning so I can follow all of the artists who have been, and will be featured on the site. In 2018 there were more than 3000 plays of exclusive sets on the SoundCloud page for Underground Sound.

445 people currently like Underground Sound on Facebook. This past year while I have been doing my monthly summaries, I’ve mentioned the artist page for everyone who is featured on the site, including for Free Music and DJ Sets. So everyone gets a mention on there. You can like the Underground Sound Facebook page as an easy way to keep up to date with everything that is happening on the site:

A big thank you to every Australian house and techno artist who was been a guest on Underground Sound in 2018, or had their music posted. I would also like to thank all of the readers and people who follow what is happening on Underground Sound for interest’s sake. Stay tuned, as there will be lots more exciting new content in 2019. Thank you for listening!

If you have free music or a DJ set you would like to have featured on the site, please contact me at: