Anthony Huttley – Interview & DJ Set

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Anthony Huttley

Anthony Huttley is a friendly chap from Brisbane, who has spent some time in Japan. Recently he has been making his mark with guest spots on Proton Radio and his excellent Toa Sound podcast, which features guest mixes by some of Australia’s local talent and Japanese musicians Anthony has met in his travels. The first Toa Sound event is taking place in Brisbane in October and I got to talk to Anthony about what he has planned.

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Underground Sound 2016

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Underground Sound has been a reliable source for underground Australian house and techno music since May 2013. Until now all of that music has come from SoundCloud.
The latest interview (with Defwill) includes an exclusive DJ set for Underground Sound hosted on Mixcloud.

Recent changes to the way that SoundCloud delivers music to its users through the stream mean that I can no longer publish music on Underground Sound the way I used to. The SoundCloud stream once included every track and every repost from everyone that you as a user followed with your SoundCloud account, in order of posting. But with the recent commercialisation of SoundCloud, that has changed so that the stream only shows music that SoundCloud thinks should be relevant to you in a more immediate sense. Now it’s a tailored experience like Facebook, it doesn’t show you everything.
For example, the last five posts here on Underground Sound feature monthly DJ sets that did not appear in my SoundCloud stream, yet I have been reposting them since I opened this SoundCloud account. I had to go looking for them on each artist’s SoundCloud profile. That makes posting music from SoundCloud in any sort of order of release prohibitively difficult, and effectively shuns underground music bloggers like myself from using SoundCloud with the ease that was possible in the past.

With that in mind, the format of Underground Sound will change this year. I am going to focus entirely on my interviews with underground Australian DJs and producers, and on bringing you their exclusive DJ sets via the Underground Sound Mixcloud page. It’s something I’ve been working hard to develop and I have a number of great artists lined up (asking me!) to be interviewed.

I really enjoyed finding all sorts of interesting and inspiring tunes and sets from Australian electronic musicians over the years, and sharing that music with my readers. All of that music will remain on the site as legacy content.
I hope to interview many of the artists whose music has been featured on here. You can keep up to date with the interviews on Underground Sound by liking the Facebook page.

Thank you for listening.

John William Daly


UPDATE: 30/01/2016

They changed it back!

The thing is, if SoundCloud is going to change the way the stream works without any official word as to what is going on, I still cannot commit to running the site the way I used to. Who knows what changes they are going to make from here on out now they have struck these deals with major record labels and are attempting to broaden their commercial appeal.

SoundCloud please keep your users informed of what is happening! I have announced a major change to my web site and I am going to stick with it.

Brock & Ryan – Australian Made #024

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01. Drop Frame Feat Annie Inkerman – Trichrome (Original mix)
02. Cream & Deep Fog – Shadows of the wind (GMJ Winds of Change Mix) [Electronic Tree]
03. Filter Bear – Eternity (Original Mix) [Traum]
04. Fosters – Never Really Mattered (Original Mix)
05. Rob Zile – Pay The Piper (Gabrielle Brunno Remix) [For The Record]
06. Miles Cosmo – Milk Citadel (Original Mix)
07. Jamie Stevens – Healing Crimson (Re-Grooved) [Microcastle]
08. Blue Amazon – No Other Love (Another Odyssey Audio Noir Mix)
09. Elton Smith – Bystander (Original Mix)
10. Jaytech – Awakening (Original Mix) [Positronic Digital]
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Jaytech Music Podcast 096 – Christmas Special!

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1. Matt Fax – Going Down [Colorize]
2. Blood Groove & Kikis – Fade [Elliptical Sun Melodies]
3. Pete K – Beyond [Intricate]
4. wayfinder – Manatee [Positronic]
5. Jaytech & Matt Fax – Aeris [Positronic]
6. eleven.five – Gamble [Arrival]
7. Fon.Leman – I Got Pills [Intricate]
8. ZANIO – Moonrise (Nhato Remix) [Nueva]
9. D05 – Where Are My Headphones [Positronic]
10. Max Ruby – Still Unnamed Sense [Intricate]
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Rich Curtis – friskyRadio pres. resolutions dec 2015 | Episode 65

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COMA – Happiness [Kompakt]
Dave DK – Kronsee [Kompakt]
Christian Bachmann – Premium (Applescal Remix) [Manual Music]
Eagles & Butterflies – Sounds of Colours [Get Physical Music]
Pete Grace & Thomas Gandey – Carried On [Einmusika]
Bastian Bux – Titan [Suara]
Alex Preda – DNA Matching (Arnas D Dub) [Manual Music]
Pev & Kowton – Low Strobe [Livity Sound Recordings]
Guy J – Argeman [Bedrock]
Johannes Brecht – Breathe! [Diynamic]
German Brigante – So Good [Get Physical Music]
Ryan Davis & Microtrauma – Harmonia [Traum]
Lateral Cut Groove – Spring Tide (Subandrio Remix) [Particles]
Chymera – Screenshot In Technicolour [Outpost Recordings]
Planet Funk – Two Lost Souls (UNKLE Remix) [Global Underground]

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