PIKNIC ELECTRONIK | Casey Leaver | February 18th 2018 | 14:00 – 15:00

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1 Sawu (Martin Waslewski remix) by Rich Vom Dorf
2 Still Hot (Okabi remix) by Mad_Us
3 Blaze by Leo Janeiro/Mumbaata
4 Feel Much Better by Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich
5 Skyhi by Hanne & Lore
6 Colour My Vision (feat Jinadu – Massimiliano Pagliara remix) by Alessio Pagliaroli
7 Sunday (Klangkarussell remix) by Max Manie
8 Isaac by Super Flu
9 The Music Got Me (Justin Martin remix) by Claptone
10 Closed Eyes (Luca Doobie’s Wide Shut Remix) by Mike Teknii
11 Salvation (feat Bayker) by Gheist
12 Interferenz (re-work) by Sante & WAFF

More info: https://soundcloud.com/casey-ann-leaver/piknic-electronik-casey-leaver-february-18th-2018-1400-1500

Noise In My Head w/ Roza Terenzi 19/12/17

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de niro – revolver (roza’s intro mix)
ex-terrestrial – urth man
escape artist – signs of life
move d – sandman
roza terenzi – metal glo
rhythm invention – can’t take it (cold cellar mix)
call super – i look like i look in a tinfoil mirror
cybersonik – lash out
sweet exorcist – test five
dorisburg – computer drumming 128
sonic insomniac – every
beneath – occupy
second woman – 100407jd7
still – rough rider
bigeneric – atrex (hypnotic mix)
ectomorph – insert another data disk
titonton – lick
ubik – we jack the house
simo cell – stop the killing (intello mix)
rei harakami – on

More info: https://soundcloud.com/roza-terenzi/noise-in-my-head-w-roza-terenzi-191217

November 2018

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November was a fantastic month for Underground Sound, with a new Interview, my first Event Review, and a new Signals set as well.

I really enjoyed interviewing Brisbane DJ and promoter Tom., ahead of his gig at Sasha (UK) Brisbane Show. Tom. writes just like he talks, and it was great getting to know him and his brands a bit better. I remember when I first met him, at Subtrakt presents Danny Howells at The Wickham of all places. He made a point of introducing himself and his mates, and the Subtrakt crew who were running the event. Lovely bloke!

The event Tom. played at in November was something else. It was the first time Sasha had graced Capulet, and boy was it popular. The online tickets to the event sold out within two hours of going on sale. You can read my review of the event on the Underground Sound Facebook page. It was a very special day for clubbing in Brisbane.

Then there was this month’s Signals set from April Kerry. This was really cool. April emailed me out of the blue, with some info about herself and her impressive career thus far, and expressed her interest in recording a DJ set for Underground Sound. We were able to make it happen in time to promote Hidden Valley at Capulet. April has ability and a repertoire of music well beyond her years. I was seriously impressed by her Signals set, but that was eclipsed for me by her DJ set when I went and saw her play at the event, where she dropped some very lush progressive and melodic house and techno. It was great to meet her too. Keep an ear out for this talented young lady from Byron Bay. We’ll be hearing more from her in Brisbane soon!

If you have free music or a DJ set you would like to have featured on the site, please contact me at:

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Signals – April Kerry

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April Kerry

April Kerry is a DJ and aspiring producer from Byron Bay, a rapidly rising star in Australia’s house and techno scene. 2018 has been an exciting year for her, with gigs around Australia at festivals and bookings in Sydney and Melbourne. On Saturday 1 December, April will be playing in Brisbane at Capulet for Hidden Valley, and on Saturday 15 December you can catch her at Pacific Hotel Yamba.

This edition of Underground Sound Signals is a showcase for April’s diverse sound, featuring music from major international artists and one of her homegrown heroes. Let April Kerry take you on a journey through melodic sounds into hefty techno, that is guaranteed to get you moving. We look forward to hearing more from her.

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Brain Food Radio hosted by Rob Zile/KissFM/17-05-18

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01 – SPACE – Magic Fly (Marcel Lune remix)
02 – CONGA RADIO – Slumber (dub)
03 – Adam Nathan – Soulmachine
04 – Tony Disco – Royale with Cheese
05 – Antal Maia – Thunderstorm

More info: https://soundcloud.com/robzile/brain-food-radio-hosted-by-rob-zilekissfm17-05-181-deep-grooves

01 – Steven Campodonico – New Beginnings (Iry Remix)
02 – Kinrade – Gator (Original Mix)
03 – DYLAN CAMERON – Dark Sorcerer
04 – Kosmik – The Kraken
05 – Divyded – Room 19 (Original Mix)

More info: https://soundcloud.com/robzile/brain-food-radio-hosted-by-rob-zilekissfm17-05-182-deep-techno

01 – Uncode – Compromise For Myself
02 – AVOX25, FRAN NAVAEZ – Friction
03 – #Platform – Platform 9 (Original Mix)
04 – LUDOFF – Devil
05 – P-Ben – End Of The Chapter One
06 – Martin Mueller – One To One (Original Mix) @brainfoodrecords

More info: https://soundcloud.com/robzile/brain-food-radio-hosted-by-rob-zilekissfm17-05-183-techno